Starting March 1st, 2021 our new office will be located at 1695 NW 110th Ave Suite 317 Miami Fl 33172. If you have an upcoming appointment or need to visit us please go to the new location. If you have any questions, please call us at 305-671-3654.

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Patient Forms

In order to provide efficient care we please ask that you print and bring the appropriate forms with you to your visit. This will allow the provider to fully assess and diagnose faster than waiting for forms to be returned to the office.

Speech delays

Please print and fill out the appropriate form for your child’s age and language. If your child attends daycare, preschool or school please print and have their teacher fill out a form as well. 

MCHAT: Children up to 36 months old (3 yrs old).

  • MCHAT English:
  • MCHAT Spanish: 

SRS Preschool: Children 30 months (2.5 years old) to 4.5 years old.

  • SRS Preschool English:
  • SRS Preschool Spanish:

SRS School age: Children 4 years old to 18 years old. 

  • SRS School age English:
  • SRS School age Spanish


Treatments & Services in Miami, FL

Attention, hyperactivity or academic difficulties

If you child is having any difficulties with concentrating, sitting still, impulsive behaviors or academics please print out the following forms and bring them completed to your appointment.  


New Parent Vanderbilt form English

New Parent Vanderbilt form Spanish

New Teacher Vanderbilt form: 


If your child has already been seen, diagnosed and is currently being treated please print and fill out the following forms and bring them completed to your next appointment.


Follow up Parent Vanderbilt form English:

Follow up Parent Vanderbilt form Spanish:

Follow up Teacher Vanderbilt form: